Tom Durocher, the Canadian Horse Whisperer

“Dad, one day I will be the greatest horse trainer!”Tom said when he was eleven years old. “A star is born..” his father replied. To date, Tom is Canada’s only certified Monty Roberts Instructor and close to fulfilling his dream: To develop a better understanding & relationship between a horse and its rider. Tom had been working as a farrier/horse trainer using the “Old way” for 25+ years before learning about the Monty Roberts method of horsemanship. He took a chance and went to California to learn from Monty. Once there, Tom knew that he had found what he had been looking for. This method can be used to help encourage people to heal and find their way in life as well. Tom teachers various clinics, and attends schools and youth groups to encourage youth to focus on education and with hard work, dreams do come true.

After his father Philips’s death, Tom was subjected to abuse and alcoholism issues that he has fought hard to overcome as an adult. Tom feels that working with horses, recognizing his own native heritage along with the support of his mother Edna and grand-father John Cross (Both First Nations people) helped him to survive and heal. Tom wants to create a better world because he believes that “No matter what, violence is not the answer.” His goal is to develop an atmosphere of trust and respect. Tom is convinced that “There has never been a bad horse born. The owner will always tell you a story, but the horse will always tell you the truth.” Tom is available for demonstrations, fund raisers, clinics and is willing to develop a training program specific to his clients’ needs. He will conduct clinics /training at his ranch or is willing to travel to your facilities.