Horse Training

"EQUUS" - The silent language of horses. A term coined by Monty Roberts to describe how horses communicate with each other.  As a child, I used to sit and watch horses for hours to try to figure this out for myself. As I grew up, and started to break/train horses, it became apparent to me that there was a better and gentler way of working with these beautiful animals than the old "Rough stock" way in which I was taught, and how most everybody else trained horses at that time.

After reading a book authored by Monty Roberts, I decided that I wanted to learn more about this "Silent language" and Monty's training Methods.  So, began my journey.

It took four years of hard work, soul searching, commitment, dedication, sacrifice and faith by both myself and my family for my dream to come true.  Now, I am taking the skills I have learned and am trying to teach others so they too can become better horse persons.  Not only is this training applicable to horses, but it can also be used and implemented in our day to day interactions with others. One of the dreams I have is to make this world a better place. All I can do is stay focused and share the skills I have learned through both the formal training I have taken and over 35 years of experience I have gained by working and training horses.

This is an overview of what I do, and what you will learn should you decide to take my training.

In my 3-day course, you will learn basic "Join Up," communication, trust, respect and leadership. "Join Up" is a phrase coined by Monty Roberts, where the horse willingly decides to come to you and lets you be the leader of the 2 member herd. This is where the trust, respect and leadership skills come in.

In my 5 day course, you will work with your horse to willingly accept a bridle, saddle, long-lines, trailer loading, Dually Halter work. (A Dually Halter is a halter designed by Monty Roberts that helps the horse learn personal space and to come off pressure.)

In the 2 week Introductory Course, you will complete all the skills learned in the 5 day course plus de-sensitizing and herding exercises. You are also given assignments/projects. At the end of the 2 weeks, you will be given a manual to study. The manual explains the structure/anatomy/pressure zones/nutrition etc of the horse.

You are given 10 months to study the manual and are also required to video tape your work with your project horses. The video is then sent to me for critiquing. I will discuss areas of progress and those that need to be worked on. When you are comfortable with your skills, you will request an exam which is both written and hands-on. If successfully completed, you will have your first year of Monty Roberts Horsemanship. You will receive a certificate from Monty. 

Once you have successfully completed the Introductory course, you can further your education/training by taking the Advanced Course offered at Monty Roberts "Flag Is Up Farm" in Solvang California.

If you have any further questions, or would like to sign up for a course, please feel to contact me for your individual or group training requirements. I am more than happy to develop a schedule that meets your needs and will come to your community for training.

Your's in Community Wellness,